Dismatling, Transfer and Installation wok

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Dismantling, Transfer and Installation

In addition to equipment manufacturing, we also perform tasks such as transferring production lines. We have experience in moving several lines and production machines from one facility to another.

Dismantling and transfer work must be carefully planned and executed to ensure smooth reassembly and startup. Project management and established, clear procedures play a significant role in the success of the work.

Our service includes everything needed

Planning and Work Preparation

Surveying and documenting the item to be moved, including measurements. Determining and documenting connection information and other necessary factors. Identifying resource requirements and creating a schedule. Identifying any necessary modification work.

Dismantling and Transfer

Marking and dismantling components into sub-assemblies. Packing work, marking packages, and protecting equipment for transportation. Organizing transportation, loading, and unloading work.

Installation and Assembly

Transporting components and assembling the production line in the new location according to the installation plan. Making connections and testing them.

Testing and Commisioning

Commissioning the production line, mechanical and operational testing. Ensuring the line's capacity, usability, and safety. Documenting any changes made.