Modernizing old production equipment to meet today's requirements

Modernization Solutions

Whether it's updating control technology, streamlining operational processes, or adapting to changes in production conditions, we provide cost-effective solutions for end customers through modernization. Modernization can serve as a competitor to investing in entirely new equipment and production lines.

By modernizing old production machinery and lines, you can elevate your process performance to new heights. Our experienced team analyzes your current equipment, identifies potential bottlenecks, and develops tailored modernization solutions according to your needs. Whether it's integrating automation, programming updates, or streamlining production processes, our goal is to enhance productivity, optimize uptime, and reduce costs.

Modernization also allows you to harness the latest technology and innovations that are integral to today's industrial environment. Our modernization services are built on solid technical expertise and extensive experience. We collaborate closely with our customers to fully understand their needs and objectives. As a reliable partner, we offer a comprehensive modernization solution that provides sustainable competitive advantage, enhances productivity, and aids in achieving your business goals.

Production Line Modernizations

Initial Assesment

We listen to the desires and thoughts of various stakeholders within the customer's organization, identifying issues with the production line and areas considered functional. Additionally, we technically and operationally examine the line's performance.

Based on this, we perform an initial analysis and propose actions to enhance the line's quality, capacity, safety, and other features.

Design Phase

We define the line's technical specifications and modernization goals. We plan, list development areas by position, and provide the customer with a clear proposal detailing the intended actions.


We design and manufacture the new machinery, equipment, and parts required for modernization. We procure the replaceable components in advance.

Subsequently, modernization is executed according to the agreed-upon and planned schedule, during the line's production downtime. After mechanical and electrical modifications, necessary training is provided to operators, ensuring the line functions as intended.

Modernization of Individual Machinery

Starting point

The starting point could be the customer's existing old production machine or one sourced from the used market. We define the objectives for the machine.


Once the machine's production and technical requirements are determined, we disassemble, design, service, assemble, and test the modernized device.

Installation and afterservice

The modernized equipment can be installed as part of a new production line or integrated into an existing setup.