Production Lines

Complete, customized procution lines according to your needs

Production Lines

We manufacture and deliver complete production lines to our customers on a turnkey basis. Depending on the situation, we can take full responsibility for a specific production line delivery project or share the responsibility with other suppliers and the customer.


By implementing the design phase carefully, we ensure the suitability of the production line to the customer's premises, its usability, safety, and logical and functional material flows. In the context of production lines, the role of layout design is emphasized, and it is indeed one of our strengths.

After layout design, mechanical design takes responsibility for ensuring that the equipment meets today's standards and can perform its tasks as required.


In the manufacturing department, we are self-sufficient in many processes, enabling fast and flexible operations. We can carry out in-house component manufacturing, welding, industrial surface treatment, and equipment assembly.

Our electrical department assembles all our electrical and control panels, ensuring that automation and components used are the latest and functional technology. We assemble and test all equipment at our factory before delivering to the customer.

Installation and Commisioning

We also offer installation and commissioning services for the machinery we manufacture. Installations are planned in advance step by step to ensure the work is done on schedule and safely. After installation, line commissioning is carried out in stages.

Through training, we aim to ensure that the company's production, maintenance, and potentially the entire staff receive guidance on how to use the line and equipment. This enhances production efficiency and staff safety.

Sawing & Trimming Lines

We provide various sawing lines tailored to the customer's needs. For example, miter saw lines or cross-cut saws for dimensionalizing end products.

Profiling Lines

We deliver processing line solutions for plywood, or other board processing and profiling.

Jointing Lines

Veneer jointing lines can be used to manufacture larger products by jointing smaller veneer sheets into a larger entity with beveled edges.

Sorting Lines

On the sorting lines, sheets can be examined using various sensors or machine vision, depending on the line's purpose.

Laminating Lines

Laminating lines are used to coat sheets with the desired finish.

Other Production Lines

We also manufacture other customized production lines according to the customer's needs.