Other Machinery

Tailored according to Your needs

Manufacturing of other production machinery

We design, manufacture, and deliver customized project solutions for our clients. On this page, you can find a list of various machines and equipment that we have supplied to our customers.

In addition to these, our project history includes numerous smaller deliveries to industries such as sawmills, woodworking, and furniture production. Contact us for more information.

We also provide Log Handling and Sawing equipment for the sawmill and plywood industries.


We are capable of manufacturing different types of hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric presses according to the situation and need. These presses can be cold presses, and they can be equipped with heating plates either using electric resistance or circulating heat transfer.

In collaboration with the customer, we determine the best-suited combination for the situation, based on which the project moves forward.

Painting Applications

We deliver automatic painting solutions for various needs. We have ready applications for tasks like edge painting of processed plywood sheets and edge painting of entire bundles of plywood.

Contact our sales team for more information, and together we'll find a painting solution that fits your needs.