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MaNiTek Machine Vision

Machine vision enables the automation and enhancement of processes where tasks such as quality control are currently performed manually by operators.

A fundamental principle when considering an application and its target is that if a task currently involves visual inspection by a human, it can be replaced by machine vision.

Unlike humans, machine vision doesn't tire; it tirelessly executes processes according to the provided parameters. With our solutions, you can improve product quality, streamline processes, reduce waste, and free operators for more productive and suitable tasks.

MaNiVision Applications for Plywood Industry

MaNiTek's camera applications are designed for quality control and error detection in various stages of plywood manufacturing. MaNiVision camera applications are suitable for veneer sorting, stacking lines, and patching lines. The system captures the object and then performs analysis based on the given parameters. Backlighting can identify holes and cracks, along with their size, shape, and location. Additionally, veneer length, width, and cross-sectional data can be accurately measured. Surface lighting provides information about knots in the veneer, their quality, size, and location

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Machine Vision Application for other indusrial processes

Our expertise in machine vision allows us to tailor solutions for various industrial applications .

We have a dedicated testing environment where we can test, develop, and demonstrate new applications for our customers.

If your current process involves visual inspection, we have the capability to replace it with machine vision. If your factory or production process faces challenges that require efficient and reliable solutions, we are ready to tackle them.