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We have delivered numerous solutions to various industries, ranging from individual machines to large production lines. Our primary sectors are mechanical forest industry and plywood industry, but we are capable of serving other industrial fields as well.

Plywood Edge Trimming Line

We provided a complete veneer edge trimming line to our customer. The delivery included everything needed from project planning to starting production.

In addition to the edge cutting machine, the line integrated an edge painting unit, which treats the processed edges of the veneer in the same process. After processing and edge painting, the products are stacked into ready-to-pack bundles.

Machine Vision Application for Veneer Patching Line

For the veneer patching line, a machine vision application was implemented to identify defects in the veneer that needed patching. Defects such as holes, cracks, and various knots are detected using machine vision. Each defect is categorized by class, size, and coordinates.

Based on the acquired data and set parameters, the system optimally places patches on the venee.

Plywood Laminating Machinery

We delivered a plywood laminating machine to our customer. The laminating machine accurately applies phenolic, melamine, or similar coatings onto the veneer. After coating, the veneer is pressed onto the substrate using a hot press.

In this project, the customer's previous coating machine applied the coating film inaccurately onto the plywood, resulting in material waste, quality deviations, and contamination as excess film pieces detached from the plywood during the process.

Our solution improved the quality and overall capacity of the customer's line, while also enhancing usability.

Trimming Saw Modernization

In the edge cutting machine modernization project, we refurbished a roughly 20-year-old edge cutting machine to meet modern standards. Additionally, a new production line was built around the machine with new equipment.

During the upgrade, the safety level, automation, and machine control of the old machine were brought up to today's standards. The machine was seamlessly integrated into the newly delivered production line.

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Transfer and Modernization Project for Plywood Plant Production Lines

We were involved in a large factory relocation project. Throughout the project, we transferred a total of 4 separate production lines and conducted modification and modernization work as part of the transfer.

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