Sawing and Profiling

Sawing and Edge Profiling Solutions with an extensive experience

MaNiTek Trimming Lines

We offer high-quality and innovative cutting and machining equipment tailored to various needs and purposes.

Our machining equipment design combines solid technical expertise with customer-centricity. Each machine is planned and customized to meet demanding customer requirements. Reliability, performance, and user-friendliness are key features we emphasize in our products.

In addition to new machines, we provide restoration, modification, and modernization services for existing equipment. We assist you in identifying your needs and offer cost-effective solutions to fulfill that.

MaNiTek Trimming Saw

The MaNiTek Trim Saw is designed to meet the demands of modern plywood production. The saw is modularly designed, enabling customization and optimization according to customer needs. For instance, the number of cutting units can be adjusted without altering the saw's structure or operational principles.

In the design phase, we've focused on versatility. With this approach, we can incorporate features such as a chipping blade and edge profiling capability, catering to customer-specific modifications.

Feel free to get in touch and inquire further. Let's collaborate to create a machine that diversifies and enhances your production, ultimately delivering significant added value to your operations!